CITV Memories – Part 2.


The Adventures Of Captain Zeelig (CITV, 1996)

This is a strange one, this is now a rather obscure show. It doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry (gosh!), and the only piece I can find on the internet about it is on the UK Game Shows site which tells me that CITV only ever aired five episodes in May 1996 and it was so bad it’s listed in their “flops” category.

I do remember this show though because for some reason I recorded a small part of a couple of episodes, otherwise like just about everyone else it would have long gone from my memory, so here’s a review of the show to try and determine if anyone else does remember this and to decide what it actually was all about nearly 20 years later. vlcsnap-00184

The Adventures Of Captain Zeelig was a sort-of game show set in the future. The year is 2195 and…

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