CBBC Memories – Part 2


FOT (CBBC, 1993-1996)

Hello, and welcome to… a great show from BBC Scotland that was originally shown on the CBBC strand on Sunday mornings before moving to the afternoons where you had to sort out the fictional from the factual.

The show began with a very odd opening sequence with some guy in a horrid chequered suit shouting at us how the show worked. It was easy. All we had to do was to watch, listen, and decide if what we saw was FOT… false or true! vlcsnap-00346

There were some very odd stories on the show which made it all the more difficult to decide if they were real or not. Features included celebrities being interviewed by the hosts Steve McKenna and Mairi McHaffie including Matthew Corbett and Michaela Strachan who turned up to tell a story which we had to determine was false or true. vlcsnap-00348

There were also clips shown from…

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