CITV Memories – Part 1


Crazy Cottage (CITV, 1996-1998)

Here’s a review of an odd CITV show that I used to enjoy watching (you might be realising that I like a lot of shows that are now obscure and rather strange).

Crazy Cottage was a game show where the gimmick was that everything was done backwards. For example, the host introduced the show by saying “goodbye!” and the first game that they played was round 5. vlcsnap-00156

The host was Rick Adams, who had hosted a CBBC show that I had enjoyed the previous year called Reactive (which I will be reviewing soon) and it was good seeing him again. His co-host was an odd puppet cuckoo thing called Vera who was voiced by Steve Nallon who probably needed some more work as Spitting Image had just ended. vlcsnap-00154

The game featured two teams of three, the green team and the orange team, and they had…

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