Hack Your Life Courtesy Of Russia…

I had no idea what a “life hack” was until I recently stumbled across a guy on YouTube who goes by the name of CrazyRussianHacker…

I really should have known what a “life hack” was considering my background as they are all to do with hints and tips to make life easier.

Once I had watched one of the CrazyRussianHacker’s videos I was hooked and spent almost an entire evening watching them all – he’s got loads!

What kind of hacks does he share?

In this video below there are tips such as how to share a packet of chips easily, how to use a CD case as a lunchbox and how to get rid of all the unpopped pop corn from a bag so you don’t break your teeth!

It’s not only the hacks he shares that hooked me, it’s also the way he delivers them and his personality. Check him out now, BOOM!

OMG – Pft me…

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