Celebrity Big Brother’s Alicia Douvall Learns The Alphabet…

Celebrity housemate Alicia Douvall aka “Dilbert” has admitted that she is home schooling her young daughter. She said it also helps her learn so she too has just learned her alphabet and her shapes at the same time as her daughter…

When she was telling this to Katie Hopkins, Katie stared back at her in disbelief. She made Alicia confirm that what she was actually saying was that as well as her daughter, Alicia herself has only recently learned the alphabet and shapes.

Alicia confirmed this as correct!

Katie was stunned. I was stunned. How can you get to her age and not know the alphabet? How could she possibly read and write?


This got me thinking…

Maybe she knows her letters but not really the “order” they take in the alphabet? Possibly. It’s a 26 letter sequence after all. How the hell did I learn it? Surely, I couldn’t re-learn something so complicated?

I voiced all these thoughts to Greg – he put his hands over his face and groaned like he usually does when I go off on a tangent. I asked him if he could learn a new alphabet easily and he said “yeah, easy”.

This would probably be true because if all you are doing is learning another language’s version of our “abc” version then you are simply referring the new one back to our order – if that makes sense? That’s fairly easy I would imagine.

So, what if I mixed up the letters in the English alphabet into a random order and try to learn that new order?

How easy would I find it to learn this new version and repeat it back as effortlessly as I do the actual alphabet?

Challenge ON!

What do you think or is this post simply the ramblings of a crazy person?

OMG – Pft me…

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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Big Brother’s Alicia Douvall Learns The Alphabet…

  1. Ok. I learnt German in Austria with it’s different pronounciation of the ABC. My son is dyslexic which means his brain is wired differently so that he has trouble recognising the shapes of letters – he often mixes up w and m and b and p. It could well be true that Alicia Douvall has this problem as well.

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