Batteries Included…

According to the movie franchise, Back To The Future, in 2015 we should all be going round on hover boards as well as using numerous other futuristic inventions. It’s not happened…but it’s made me think what technological breakthroughs I’ve had so far this year…

Certainly nothing as high tech as we would have hoped for but I have replaced many manual devices with battery operated ones.

The Electric Toothbrush

I ditched my manual toothbrush for a sonic version. It’s really great and even has a timer. However, because it uses some kind of sonic technology it vibrates rather than rotates and sometimes when I use it  I am left felling a little light-headed.

Forget Sonic The Hedgehog – I’m all about Sonic The Toothbrush…


The Electric Razor

No more problems of cutting myself shaving – the only problem I have experienced so far is when, for a laugh, I thought I would leave a – let’s call it Charlie Chaplin style moustache – until the end only to find there was no more charge left in the razor…

Quick! Get the backup razor…


Pepper Grinder

After how pleased I was with my Ozeri frying pan from Moderna Housewares I thought I would buy this electric pepper mill and it’s amazing. You get just the right amount of pepper, there’s no mess and it looks and feels brilliant!

Black Pepper?
Black Pepper?



Floor Duster

I’ve always wanted a robotic hoover but they are just too expensive at the moment. However, I did find a cheaper version which doesn’t really hoover but it does dust the floor at least. The cats love it and I can’t wait to eventually get a proper one.



There are devices that I have tried using the battery version of that I just don’t think is a good idea at all…

Soap Dispenser

It’s got a mind of its own. It will pump out soap when you don’t want it leaving slime all over the place and when you do want it and it doesn’t dispense you end up standing there waving your hands about like a crazy person.


This is a myth!

There are also devices that I haven’t seen an automatic version of that I would like to see made into one.


Nail Clippers

There should be an automatic nail clipping device where you just pop your nail in a slot and it trims it. The manual versions are too difficult! Doing my left hand is fine because I’m right-handed but when I try to do my right hand I pretty much end up taking off some skin. As for doing my toenails, well, that’s more down to not being so flexible these days and having a device I could just pop my toes into would be a perfect solution.

Interesting, but where’s the battery?


What about you? What gadgets do you use or would like to see invented?


OMG – Pft me…




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