Okay, Who Ordered A Cat..?

Once again, no matter how many luxury items I buy for my cats to sleep in…

They prefer a takeaway box!

Cats To Go…


This photo is part of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share

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OMG – Pft me…

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13 thoughts on “Okay, Who Ordered A Cat..?

      1. Well, I won’t object if you wanna play in boxes. If you have fun, go for it! 😁

        Hey, for some reason, Margaret-Rose’s blog isn’t showing up in my list of blogs I follow. Do you know if she’s okay? Is she still blogging?

        Also, sorry I haven’t been around for so long. It’s been a rough year for me, to say the least. But I have no intentions of giving up my blog – I even made long, rather whiney post the other day! – nor do I wanna give up good blog friends, like you!!! 😊💖

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  1. Yep, that is what they love the most, no matter how much we spend they would rather have the box the item came in. My dog even loves sleeping in a box.

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