Stars In Their Eyes Is Back…

Stars In Their Eyes is back on television and let’s just say there is mixed reaction to this revival of a classic Saturday night TV show…

I watched it with an open mind whilst keeping an eye on Twitter. Anyone familiar with the new host, Harry Hill, should have really known what to expect after seeing him on his other shows. He is a wacky, random, cheesy, canned laughter type of comedian and I love that! So, if anyone was expecting a serious, revamped version of Stars In Their Eyes were going to be disappointed.

Twitter exploded! “Embarrassing”, “Cringe”, “How dare they change it” blah, blah, blah. Seriously, did we really need or want another reality, talent show on a Saturday night? I didn’t and I thought this new version was a laugh – exactly what we sometimes need of a Saturday evening with a bottle of wine.

The complainers on Twitter really need to get more familiar with their TV remote control and be reminded that they can actually change it if they don’t like what’s currently on – there’s a billion other options these days!

I’ll admit it would have been nice to see it brought back exactly as it was in the old days but sometimes it’s best to leave things in the past and I can always watch re-runs on Challenge TV.

Back to business – who were the contestants on the first show. Sadly there are no YouTube clips yet but the episode can be watched on 

Complete with comedy introductions and chats first up was Anne Martin performing “On A Night Like This” as Kylie Minogue…

If anyone needs something dusted I can do it later…


Husband and wife, Hayley and Gerry Judge, performed as the The Everly Brothers – yes we now have cross dressing!

NOTE: This is not Jim Davidson and his wife!


Olivia Peyechu performed as Rihanna singing “Umbrella”…

If she opens that brolly inside, she’ll never win – it’s bad luck don’t you know!


Blake Greenwell from Stoke got his rap on as Eminem…

I’ve been to Stoke and it is as scary as this looked and sounded!


Christie Holland sang “Ain’t No Other Man” as Christina Aguilera…

Actually…pretty good!


Christina Aguilera was the winner and will go through to the “Not Live Grand Final” in 5 weeks.

There is even words to go along with the theme song now – Singalong HERE.

I loved the guest appearance from Adele – random and awesome!

Apparently Harry has her baby…


Accept the show for what it is – a little bit of Harry Hill humour and fun on a Saturday night!

What did you think of the show?


OMG – Pft me…



9 thoughts on “Stars In Their Eyes Is Back…

  1. Hi Steve glad you got the idea of the show. It was such a blast and we were treated like stars for a couple of days. I loved every minute. If people don’t like it then just turn it off!! Anne Martin (Kylie)!! Expert duster!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting Anne. I love it! It’s so refreshing to have some craziness and fun on a Saturday night again and I’m glad you had a really good time. Oh, and I hope you got to keep the duster lol 🙂


  2. It was shit. The acts were awful and not in a its so bad its funny way, just awful. The links which were supposed to be funny just irritated. Harry Hill’s TV Burp would have ripped the piss out of this rubbish.
    Apparently ITV would not let reviewers see the show beforehand, always a tell tell sign that its going to be a shit show.
    Also people on Twitter are just as entitled to an opinion good or bad as you are, telling them to use the remote is a bit like them telling you to unfollow if you don’t like what they say. If you had hated would you have not said in your review? Or is just you entitled to an opinion?


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