The Return Of The Hotel On Channel 4: Episode One…

Great news – The Hotel is back on Channel 4! I was gutted when Mark Jenkins lost everything two years ago and I am so glad he is back on our screens…

The cameras return to Torquay to follow the latest exploits of calamitous hotelier Mark Jenkins since he was forced to sell his own hotel, the Grosvenor. Now he’s back in town for one summer season only, in the new role of entertainments manager at the struggling family-run 90-bed Cavendish Hotel and if the first episode is anything to go by it’s going to be a brilliant season.

His ideas are crazy, he doesn’t always live in the real world but I love the way Mark is always so positive and always comes out smiling.

Basil Fawlty with a bow-tie…

He doesn’t really help himself sometimes as he is now working with an ex-employee that he couldn’t remember, head barman Mike, and his first words to him were “oh, did I sack you?”. The relationship only got worse from there but to be fair Mike is a bit of a d**k who is not willing to accept that he has been s**t at his job and Mark can easily to a better job!

Who has the biggest balls..?

Another familiar face returned in the form of Mark’s friend and former colleague Alison who was in the previous shows. My question here is does she really want to help Mark out or does she just want to be back on the telly thinking that she’s been missed? To be fair she did give Mark some good advice and she does have a quick wit!

Have you missed me?

Guests staying at the hotel this week included father and son – Tim and Freddie. My first impressions of Tim were “what a posh t**t but he won me over with his sense of humour. As for his son Freddie, well, how is it possible for someone to be so good-looking?


Even although Mark did get the place buzzing again, the owners Vicky and Andy, were still not happy with him which I couldn’t understand. Their hotel is clearly in financial difficulty and Mark can and will do anything to help soy won’t they let him get on with it. I’m wondering if it was actually Mark that they wanted or the publicity of being on the television. Either way they signed up for it so get on with it and stop your moaning! Credit to their son, Richard,  who is also the general manager as he seems prepared to give anything a bash!


As for all the backlash – at the end of the day this is a programme designed to boost TV ratings so just accept it for what it is! As always Trip Advisor can be guaranteed to tell it like it is so if you want to know what it’s really like then take a look at the reviews for The Cavendish on Trip Advisor and make up your own mind.

Watch episode one and get excited for episode two!

OMG – Pft me…

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