It’s Not Quite “The Interview” And I’m No Dave Skylark, But…

Some of you might already follow my music blog “Now This Is What I Would Call Music” and I really appreciate that. I’ve recently been lucky enough to ask some questions to new artists and bands…

It’s a mere drop in the journalistic ocean compared to the likes of Dave Skylark in “The Interview“. I won’t be interviewing the Kim Jong Un’s of the music industry (Lady Gaga?) anytime soon and I’m quite happy discovering new music and finding out a little more about them and sharing this with a few more people!

So far I have “interrogated” four amazing musical talents…

Cara Mitchell






Jay Brown


I’d really appreciate any feedback or if you are singer, are in a band or have friends that would like a little bit more exposure for their music and they would be interested in me having a chat with them then please contact me at