Sarah Millican – A Home Bird But A Funny Bird…

I watched the Royal Variety Performance on television last night and there was only one star act for me – Sarah Millican.

The host of the show was Michael McIntyre and up until now I’ve not really been a fan but last night his jokes really made me actually laugh out loud. Have a look at some of his previous shows…

Sarah Millican had a small segment of the show but that wasn’t enough for me and it had me wanting more. I’ve liked her for a while now and her combination of quick wit, observational humour and her Geordie accent just tick all my humour boxes!

I immediately had to go and download her latest DVD – “Sarah Millican – Home Bird Live [DVD]” so that I could watch it in bed.

I literally had the duvet over my mouth because I was laughing so much…

If you like some naughty humour combined with hearing the things everyone thinks but no one says out loud then you will love this. I thoroughly recommend it!

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