The Top Ten List Of Top Ten Christmas Lists

Christmas Lists

It’s almost Christmas so whether that is a concept that fills you with woe or joy here’s something to help you get prepared either way…

There’s generally a Top Ten List for everything Christmas related but is there a Top Ten List of Top Ten lists?

If there isn’t, well there is now!

Here’s the Top Ten List Of Top Ten Christmas Lists

(10) – Christmas Toys


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without toys but I have no idea what toys mean these days so let’s take look instead at the most popular toys from my youth – the 1980’s.

(9) – Worst Christmas Songs

I love Christmas music more than I love Christmas itself, however, if these songs were the only option then I might be inclined to change my mind!

(8) – Christmas Jumpers


Everyone loves a Christmas jumper and this list is apparently the worst ten Christmas jumpers ever but I beg to differ – they are fab!

(7) – Characters At The Office Christmas Party


I’m usually the one who drinks too much, falls over and can’t remember anything the next day. Which character are you?

(6) – Worst Disney’s Frozen Covers

Disney is always behind some of the “must have” toys every year but will any of these cover versions be playing while the kids open their presents on Christmas Day?

(5) – Bizarre Christmas Traditions


When you are carrying out your own Christmas traditions spare a though for some people who have much more bizarre ones!

(4) – Worst Christmas Jokes

Again, apparently these are “the worst” jokes but I challenge you not to laugh!


(3) – Rude Christmas Items

No list would be complete without a little rudeness


(2) – Best Musical Christmas Light Houses Ever

These light displays are simply amazing!

(1) – Cats Versus Christmas Trees

How could this not be Number One?

There we have it and if that’s left you wanting even more lists then take a look at my Top Ten Awkward Christmas Family Photos selections.

If you like Christmas and music then I’d love for you to visit my music blog Talk About Pop Music as it has a lot of Christmas posts at the moment.

Thanks for looking and Merry Christmas!



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