Forget “Fairytale Of New York” This Is “Fairytale Of Aberdeen”

Fairytale Of Aberdeen

Fairytale Of Aberdeen

When it’s time for the Aberdeen Christmas lights to be turned on I usually look forward to seeing what The Music Hall has done. A few years I was slightly disappointed as they had opted for a video projection rather than any decorations. I soon changed my mind when I watched this and understood why they had chosen this option…

A video was posted on the Evening Express website and it showed the genius of what could be done with this type of Christmas “decoration” and I thought it was fantastic.

I couldn’t leave it at that, however. For me, it needed a soundtrack and since my favourite Christmas song is “Fairytale Of New York” I immediately thought of that. But we’re not in New York – we’re in Aberdeen, Scotland so my next thought was to Scotify it. How? Add bagpipes of course!

After a little Googl-ing, downloading, windows movie maker-ing and youtube-ing this is the end result and I hope I haven’t breached any copyright laws – it’s Christmas…