Forget “Fairytale Of New York” This Is “Fairytale Of Aberdeen”

Fairytale Of Aberdeen

When it’s time for the Aberdeen Christmas lights to be turned on I usually look forward to seeing what The Music Hall has done. A few years I was slightly disappointed as they had opted for a video projection rather than any decorations. I soon changed my mind when I watched this and understood why they had chosen this option…

A video was posted on the Evening Express website and it showed the genius of what could be done with this type of Christmas “decoration” and I thought it was fantastic.

I couldn’t leave it at that, however. For me, it needed a soundtrack and since my favourite Christmas song is “Fairytale Of New York” I immediately thought of that. But we’re not in New York – we’re in Aberdeen, Scotland so my next thought was to Scotify it. How? Add bagpipes of course!

After a little Googl-ing, downloading, windows movie maker-ing and youtube-ing this is the end result and I hope I haven’t breached any copyright laws – it’s Christmas…

8 thoughts on “Forget “Fairytale Of New York” This Is “Fairytale Of Aberdeen”

  1. Cool work. This is my favourite Christmas carol too. Just pipping Snoopy’s Christmas of course. Christmas starts for me when I hear the Royal Guardsmen. So far I haven’t heard one Christmas carol yet. Scrooge has hit our city’s decorations. Just a few silver cones in the CBD fountain with a few stars on them. Plus a few flags that get ripped apart with the wind. But this really tops them all. Very impressive. 😀

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