#MoreImportantTrendingTopics and Life’s Conundrums…

I have been using Twitter a lot more over the past few months and I love taking part in hashtag games from people like @TheHashTagGame and @tagalistic

They are lots of fun, keep me occupied for half an hour or so and are a good way of being introduced to other bloggers and such.

There was one at the weekend called #MoreImportantTrendingTopics and I’ve decided to write this as a blog post because I’ve often thought about writing something about life’s little conundrums.

One of my tweets was also picked out by AbsrdComedy so that was a bonus!

The tweets I put out were…

What about you? What are your life conundrums?

3 thoughts on “#MoreImportantTrendingTopics and Life’s Conundrums…

  1. I need to get back into the hashtag games. I loved those, or when a hashtag goes “wrong” (#DanceResponsibly was a fun one after the whole Miley Cyrus twerking “situation”)

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