Play The “Belly Housewife” Game And Have Some Fun…

In this day and age of video games, realistic graphics and all sorts of smart phone game apps I have found that the most simplest game is still the most fun and there is no software required…

A couple of years ago while having a meal and a few drinks we came up with a game which we ended up playing over and over and had so much fun with it.

It’s so simple!

(1) Think of a famous person and break their name down into syllables.
(2) Give clues to each syllable so that the other player can guess the name of the famous person.

For example a clue might be…

Something you do to show annoyance, the opposite of lady, a farmyard animal, where bad people go when they die

The answer to that would be…

Sigh Man Cow Hell….Simon Cowell

Easy, right? It might not sound all that fun but trust me, after a few drinks it’s the best game ever!

Why did I call it the “Belly housewife” game?

Well, here’s a clue I gave Greg…

A girl we used to work with had a big one, someone who was desperate

The answer should have been…

Jaw Dan…Jordan

However he said “Belly Housewife” which, was one of those “you have to be there moments” but it was very, very funny.

Just add wine…

Try it – play the “Belly Housewife” game next time you want a few easy laughs!

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