Could I Do A Better Job Than This Year’s Candidates On The Apprentice..?

I love watching the tv show, The Apprentice, on the BBC but recently I can’t help thinking that the candidates – who are supposedly “business experts” – are wasting great opportunities. My question is – could I do better?

During the past few challenges I have thought that their ideas were ridiculous and that even I, the least business type person ever, could come up with a much better idea. I usually do have an idea but never think anymore of it so this week I thought I would take it one step further and write my idea down.

This week Lord Sugar put this challenge to the candidates…

“to come up with an advertising campaign for a new soft drink – and pitch the results to experts in New York City.”

You can watch the full episode but basically their finished products were shit!

What would I do?

I’d start by creating a soft drink with something different that would stand out, something that would put the choice of what the drink actually is literally back in the hands of the consumer.

What do I mean?

Some people might like a fruit drink consisting of orange & pineapple but others might prefer pineapple and grapefruit or orange and strawberry or even just orange on its own. The same logic would apply for water based drinks, energy drinks or other carbonated drinks. I remember at junior school we would mix Coke with orange juice and call it Gummiberri juice but that’s another story altogether…

So, how about creating all the single flavours and allowing the drinker to choose which ones that they put together to create their own mix? Package it in a split bottle such as this using a Pepsi bottle simply to show the concept…


The drinker could either just choose one flavour or two. If they opt for two the bottles could be somehow put together and consume as one drink from one bottle. I’m not a bottle engineer but I’m sure some clever product developer could make that happen judging by this article. Alternatively, the split bottles could be poured into glasses and mixed punch style.

What would I call it?


Simple. Plain. Puts the consumer first!

There would be so much scope for advertising slogans…

“U are what U drink”

“Ur drink, in Ur hands”

“How do U take it?”

“Ur drink of choice”

A billboard or TV advert showing one half of a bottle colliding with another half and exploding into a brand new bottle – low budget, maximum impact!

I could quite happily go so much further with this and produce images, videos etc but I think I’ve done enough for what I wanted to do at the moment.


Would U buy it?


14 thoughts on “Could I Do A Better Job Than This Year’s Candidates On The Apprentice..?

  1. Steve, I’m gonna be completely honest here. When I saw your comment in the community pool my thoughts were something like “Oh, here we go again! Someone who thinks they’re great!” But I will put up my hands; I judged far too quickly. Your idea is a winner. This is fantastic. I’d buy it. #UWonMeOver

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    1. Thanks for being so open and honest, I love that. Thanks for reading too and I just wanted to show how bad those people are, not how great I am. Trust me, all my ideas are usually so outside the box that no one gets them and they only make sense in my little world.

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  2. It always puzzles me as to how these people become business owners in the first place, but then come up with some deluded ideas. I’m surprised these people are able to get ready in 20 minutes for the cars without being helped into their dresses and suits! I think your talents would be wasted on the Apprentice!


    1. I think if I was in the house I’d be setting my alarm for 2am and making sure I was ready in plenty of time. No way could I manage in 20 minutes – it would take me that long to decide if I wanted to answer the phone or not lol. Thanks for reading!


  3. I thought a similar thing with the clothing challenge they had, when they made the light up sweater. Surely the natural choice when pitching to sports shop was light up cycling gear!

    They’d never have you on there with an idea like this, far too sensible, useful and it wouldn’t cause any conflict!


      1. Haha. I would, I only ever have ideas and never seem to find any way of taking them further and then I forget, then I have another idea and so the circle of my world goes…

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  4. I think you should apply to go on next years series, Steve. I like your idea very much and I’m sure it would have been a winner with Sir Alan. I’m not so sure about Karen though, but Nick would certainly have liked it.
    Me? I’m more a ‘Bake Off’ person but I do enjoy watching The Apprentice as well.

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