Not Quite Paradise But Close Enough…

Following last year’s disaster in the garden we set a goal this year to tidy it up…

Once it was eventually completed I wanted a photo that would be a visual representation of the achievement and I think I got it.

I can’t wait for next summer so we can actually enjoy the garden.

Weekly Photo…

This post was part of the weekly photo challenge hosted by with the theme Achievement.

“This week, show us a photo that says “achievement” to you: people meeting a long-worked-for goal. Something tangible you’ve created. A view from a journey you’ve completed, or the stating point of a journey not yet made or a project you hope to finish. We look forward to being inspired!” Michelle, Daily Post

To see previous entries please look at the archives or click on Weekly Photo  in the category cloud on this page.


14 thoughts on “Not Quite Paradise But Close Enough…

  1. Love your interpretation of this week’s challenge. Looks like there are leaves peeking out of the pot already, what a good start. It takes time to get something done usually, and we have to keep chipping away at it. Like the other commentors, love the colourful pots. Good luck with gardening 🙂

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