Dear Kylie, Remember Where You Came From – Ramsay Street…

It was reported in the NME that Harold and Madge are to return to ‘Neighbours’ for 30th anniversary special while Kylie Minogue says, for her, “it’s just not happening”. I’ll be delighted to see Madge and Harold (or Marold as they’d be called these days) but I am so disappointed in Ms Minogue…

Kylie is a megastar and I have always and will always love her but she has let me down by not returning to the show that catapulted her career, Neighbours. I know she is a very busy lady but it is the 30th anniversary of the show after all.

Here is my plea…

Kylie – please change your mind and let us see Scott & Charlene one more time!

Although I’ve lost touch with Neighbours in recent years it was a very big part of my younger years and I am considering doing a series of posts regarding it in the run up to the anniversary. For now, however, I’d like to explain that even although I don’t watch it anymore it still is a part of my life and I’d like to share parts of conversations that took place on a recent, drunken Saturday night at home while sitting around watching YouTube…

“Did you see Anne Hathaway on that TV show the other night?”

“Her from Neighbours? I thought she died?”

“No – that’s Anne Charleston that played Madge you idiot and she’s still alive”

“No, no, no – I meant the one that played Helen, her name was Anne too…”

Following a quick Google it was discovered I had confused Anne Hathaway with Anne Haddy.

“Aww remember when Helen died, wasn’t it so sad?”

“Yeah, she even got the ‘special’ song at the end of that episode”

A quick search of YouTube and we were soon watching this – for the full 29 minutes…



“I used to like Brad, remember he got married to Natalie Imbruglia?”

Wanting to see their wedding I done a search on YouTube for Brad and Beth’s wedding…



It wasn’t until 2 minutes into this nice couple’s wedding video until we realised it wasn’t Neighbours and some real couple who also happened to be called Brad and Beth, who just also happened to get married.

It’s amazing what wine can do but I’d like to say congratulations to the happy couple!

We eventually did watch a compilation of all Neighbours weddings…



This was closely followed by a compilation of all the variations of the show’s opening credits…



Shouting out the name of the characters before anyone else is an underrated drinking game.

Thank you Neighbours!


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