Everyday Things That Freak Me Out – Dummies & Dolls

Ever since I can remember I have had a big dislike for ventriloquist dummies and I thought I would explain why…

Why do I dislike them? Basically, they don’t entertain me, don’t make me laugh and pretty much freak me out.

I’m not talking about the cute, puppet type ones such as Orville The Duck – RIP Keith Harris…http---makeagif.com--media-11-07-2014-Q_L8DG

No, although, Orville does annoy the shit out of me I’m not really freaked out by a hairy, green duck wearing a diaper. What I’m talking about is the old-fashioned dummies with the creepy, staring, non blinky eyes and the weird mouth. Watch this video if you dare…

The most popular freaky dummy that I can remember is Lord Charles and he was more than just creepy, he was a drunk too. I bet he was also guilty of getting up to sexual no good at the BBC.

His “owner” has sadly since died but at least that means the dummy died too…

It’s not just the dummies that freak me out.


What the hell are they all about? With their glass eyes and their wooly hair they are surely NOT A TOY. I visited a toy museum in Edinburgh once and this scary bitch made me take a quick exit…IMG_0185-2

You could say, well this is an old-fashioned doll and I would say – yes but look at the modern dolls being created these days. They look far too realistic that it’s just plain weird. For example there is a company called Tinker Bell Creations that produce what they call “reborned dolls” and they are so life-like that it’s scary.

What’s more worrying is that some of these companies make “doll kits”. Imagine if you were a postman and delivering something like this and the box broke…


I also watched a TV show recently about grown men dressing up as life-size dolls and I’m still having nightmares about it…

It was recently announced that there was to be a new Toy Story movie in a few years and I am hoping and praying that “big baby” will not be making an appearance…

Am I the only one that finds all this too bizarre?

What everyday things freak you out? Please let me know!



14 thoughts on “Everyday Things That Freak Me Out – Dummies & Dolls

  1. I also don’t like dummies either. Freaky Chuckys. I have one of those reborn dolls to try on baby clothes I make to sell. I use it to take photos to show of the garments. It is so realistic and weighs like a new born. It even came with a birth certificate. My ex-hubby couldn’t bear it in the same room with him. The eyes used to follow him. 😀

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