What The Funfair Has Happened To Afternoon Television..?

For the first time in a long time I was able to watch some early afternoon television and I was sad and shocked at the same time…

I was sad because I switched to ITV expecting to see the modern day CITV with cartoons, kids tv shows and wacky presenters as I would have a few years ago. I didn’t see this and I then got swiftly told that kids have their own channels these days.

That’s just not the same, is it?

I was shocked because what I actually saw was much more unexpected and unbelievable. Ben Shepherd was presenting a quiz show called “Tipping Point” – not all that shocking one might think. Not shocking until you realise it is basically a tv version of the coin pusher arcade style funfair game with dumb-ass questions thrown in.

Seriously? Is this what afternoon television has come to? What next..?

Whack A Mole presented by Carol Smilie


Give Me A Good Whack…

The Coconut Shy presented by Holly Willoughby


What a lovely bunch…

Hungry Hippos presented by Vanessa Feltz


Vanessa says eat as much as you can…

Bouncy Castles – again presented by Vanessa Feltz…


Vanessa says bounce like you’ve never bounced before…

Are you lucky/unlucky enough to watch afternoon or early evening television and are there any decent shows on? Or…what other funny shows do you think should be made?