Does Living In Aberdeen Make You Dismal..?

It was reported in the Evening Express that the city of Aberdeen has been nominated for an award – the annual Carbuncle Awards which seeks Scotland’s most dismal town. Is it true? Is Aberdeen really that bad?

I’ve lived here since 1998 and a lot has changed since I arrived. When I first moved here it was exciting and vibrant…



Today, it appears rundown and unloved…

Aberdeen, late evening


Has it affected me? Have I become more dismal since moving to Aberdeen…


And the winner is me...
And the winner of Scotland’s most dismal face is me…


Not really – it just looks like it. Smiling gives you wrinkles but I am always smiling on the inside.

What do you think? Does the place in which we live affect our outlook on life?



17 thoughts on “Does Living In Aberdeen Make You Dismal..?

  1. I used to live outside of Oslo in Norway. Every single house there is different,unique and painted vibrant colours! In Aberdeen. Housing developments are pretty much all the same and grey… I know it’s the Granite City but Union Street could be done with a bit more colour and less bargain stores!


      1. Richmond, VA. Two hours south of the nation’s capitol, Washington DC!

        Current temp, at 5:22 PM is 68 degrees F.



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