Boy, Go To Sea…

Every time he walked past the telescope he had to drop a coin in the slot to look out…

Now he was free. He was free to look out at the amazing scene. He was free to have his eyes simply delighted by the colour of the ocean.

All he had to do was look.

He’d been out there and now he was glad, now all he had to do was look.


This post was inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction using the above photo…

…and the lyrics to the song “Go To Sea” by Ocean Colour Scene

“When you’re twenty-one and North of the border the chance is
The military man will come and offer a hand and advances
Go to sea boy
Go to sea boy
Go to sea boy
With the shipyards sunk-on the Clyde
Go to the sea the junk life is dangerous
With a pocket of woes in this perishing hole it’s so obvious
Then you’ll sail away and we’ll teach you a trade
That’s for life
It’s only killing but there’s nobody willing
So we’re asking on the Clyde
When you’re 21 and north of the border the chance is
You’ll sail away to a life in the dirt then advances”