Please Don’t Change Sugar Puffs To Honey Monster Puffs…

Favourite kids breakfast cereal Sugar Puffs is changing it’s name after 60 years to Honey Monster Puffs. As much as I love him I don’t want to buy Honey Monster Puffs – it sounds to me like he’s farted in a box, sealed it and is now trying to sell me a packet of his “air biscuits”. No thanks!

I hate it when things change their names…

Apparently the reason for this name change is due to the fact the sugar content has been decreased. The makers, Halo Foods, want to encourage kids to be active and play outside. Taking the sugar out of Sugar Puffs won’t achieve this – you would need to take the X out of X Box to achieve that so stop messing with our supermarket shelves please.

It’s made me think about three other products that have undergone, what I think, are unnecessary name changes in the UK over the years…



A chocolate bar from confectionary giants Mars with chocolate, caramel and peanuts which is so heavy it could be used as a weapon. It was called Marathon in the UK until 1991 and then rebranded to align with other markets to be Snickers.

Snickers? Named after the favourite horse of the Mars family! Lovely, I’m never going to eat a Snickers ever again without thinking that I am actually eating a well packaged horse shit!

Marathon made much more sense to me because what else could keep your sugar levels and energy up while running 26 miles? Oranges? Water? No – peanuts!


Opal Fruits

Mars introduced these chewy, fruity delights to the UK in 1959. I love them, a long packet of individually wrapped treasures with a fruit flavour – Opal Fruits, the name makes sense!

America gets in on the act and we have to adopt their name – Starburst. Crazy name! I’ve never tasted a star and nothing bursts when I have ever eaten these. Well, sometimes my patience bursts when I can’t get the last little piece of paper wrapping off one of the sweets. Sometimes, if that happens, I just pop it into my mouth anyway and I’ll either have to pick the paper off my teeth or it will come out of the other end eventually.

Big corporations make their decisions and we just have to accept that Sugar Puffs will be no longer…or do we?


Coco Pops

My favourite cereal! It turns the milk chocolatey – what’s not to love? In 1998, the British arm of Kellogg’s renamed the brand in the UK “Choco Krispies” and there was mayhem at the breakfast tables across the UK every morning. Sales declined and there was a public phone vote to ask Britain why. We won and Coco Pops were back!

What do you think?

Do you like when brands change names or am I just too old fashioned and scared of change?

Should we start a campaign?

5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Change Sugar Puffs To Honey Monster Puffs…

  1. OK, so Snickers (the candy bar brand, not the probably long-dead for glue horse), has a “Marathon” energy bar brand here.

    How does Opal Fruits make any more sense than Starburst?

    And, I originally read the title of this as “Honey Mustard Puffs”, not “Honey Monster”



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