Urinating In The Shower – If It’s Okay For Madonna!

Do You Pee In The Shower?

It was reported on BBC news that the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK are actively encouraging their students to urinate in the shower…

They have done their research and realised that if all students take their first piss of the morning while they shower then it will save £125’000 per year.

Interesting theory. I don’t think I could hold out that long after I first get up in the morning. My routine goes coffee, cigarette, dump (with pee) then shower. If I could actually do all of the above at the same time and in the shower then it really would be the most productive use of my time.

Maybe that’s their next plan?

Currently I brush my teeth while in the shower as that does tend to save time. It also takes away any risk of getting minty gunk all over my nice, fresh, ironed shirt if I leave it until the last minute.

Do I wizz while I wash? Well, not as a rule, if I happen to need to go when I’m in there then I will quite happily sprinkle as I shower!

It’s not unhygienic, it all goes down the plug hole and as proved above it does save money!

If It’s Okay For Madonna…

Madonna, Queen Of Pop (and pee apparently), once stated on the Letterman show…

Madonna: Did you know that it’s good if you pee in the shower?

David: I’m sorry.

Madonna: I’m serious.

Madonna: No seriously, peeing in the shower is really good, it, it fights um um athletes foot.

Madonna: I’m serious, no urine is like, is like, is like an antiseptic, it’s all got to do with the enzymes in your body.

If it’s okay for her then it’s ok for me!

What do you think?

Do you wash and wee?


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