October Swimmer…

The leaves on the trees were turning brown slowly but surely. As sure as the seasons change, one might say…

“I can change!” the boy told himself as he put on his jacket and headed out into the grey day.

Bound for the beach he kept repeating the words “I’m not a victim!”

“I can be happy, I can!”

The stormy October sea was fast approaching but the boy didn’t stop battling until he woke up from a coma 3 weeks later.

This post was inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction using this photo…

…and the lyrics to the song “October Swimmer” by the undervalued and badly missed JJ72.

The dreams of dying mothers
I awoke my insides shuddered
The grey coats of the infantry
Victims looking for sympathy
The splash of October swimmers
The cheers of Helsinki winners
My barbed bones of futility
Leaking morrow of ability
I don t need anyone
You don’t need anyone
I want to be a happy boy
This means that you must employ my lies
When I want you
I don’t need anyone


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