It’s Just Another Sign Of The Times…

Ace of Base once said “I Saw The Sign”, well I have also saw the sign, three of them…

The first one was taken in summer in a village 5 miles from where we stay. I just thought it was such a funny sign.

We did try to follow the sign and get to the place mentioned but we got, erm, well……


This one is situated just a short distance from my house and we drive past it every day. I think either the sign maker needs to learn to use commas or the teachers at the school need to work harder…


Finally, this one is maybe not so much about the sign but more about the spacemen that seem to have landed on the building site…

I almost forgot about a previous post of mine that had a very cool sign.

One last thing, we can’t forget Ace Of Base…

Weekly Photo…

This post was part of the weekly photo challenge hosted by with the theme Signs.

“From the street signs we see on our commute to work each day to the vintage neon signs put to rest in an outdoor museum in Las Vegas, signs are functional, but can also be decorative. Signs can direct us where to go, but they’re also pieces of art, which reveal much about the time period and culture in which they were made. For those of you who have a less literal approach to our photo challenges, a sign can also be a gesture or a cue. Something welcome. Or mysterious. Or even foreboding.” Cherie, Daily Post

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15 thoughts on “It’s Just Another Sign Of The Times…

  1. What a pleasure to ‘lost’ on here, Steve. Hehehe
    Nice blog.
    Simple yet give powerful message with your pictures, as well.
    I bet I also laugh when I found that kind of signs. Hehehe

    Greetings from Indonesia,

    Rana 🙂


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