Should Humour Be Kept Out Of The Headlines..?

I was looking at the local news website today and spotted only one article that caught my interest…

The headline was Birdwoman spotted in Aberdeen so of course I was intrigued. I initially thought it would have been someone wandering the streets dressed like a bird as we do also have the amazing Alford Stormtrooper. I actually caught a glimpse of him yesterday but I was on the bus so couldn’t get me a “selfie” with him. Upon clicking on the Birdwoman link I soon realised it was a brilliantly time photo. This is the picture…


The full article can be read on the Evening Express. What really annoyed me was the comments that people were posting in response to the article. Comments such as…

This is a news story…….I mean…. really?

I’m just not sure how this could be considered a legitimate news story. At all. I can pick up better stories walking about town for an hour than this, light humour or not, I just don’t get why it’s published as a “news story,”. Make a “humorous section ,” or something.

It made me think who says all news has to be bad? Not everyone would go looking for a “humorous” section of the website and it just brightens up people’s days to see this as they read the news over lunchtime. What do you think? Should humour be kept out of the headlines?

7 thoughts on “Should Humour Be Kept Out Of The Headlines..?

  1. If something serious was bumped for it I can see the uproar, but heck I would say nowadays a little lighthearted article or picture to cheer people up can’t hurt. Sadly the ones who need it most (those commenters) are the ones who don’t get it anyway.


  2. The very idea of a humorous section annoys me for some reason. Should we also have sections for good news and bad news? Sport, advertising and deaths already have sections, should we now have good news. Bad news. War news. Kid news. Missing kid news. I think what we should learn from this is that some people are just joyless f**ckers. And allow me to paraphrase someone, not sure who.
    ‘Opinions are like dicks, it’s fine to have one. It’s OK to be proud of it but it’s not always OK to shove it down people’s throats’



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