Fifteen-star night

the REmissionary

almost morning almost morning

Every photo has a voice, but they don’t all speak my language. This week’s photo challenge is to share a picture taken at night. This one (not retouched except for the blog name added), was taken sometime between 4:30 and 5 a.m. overlooking the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. We’d been driving all night, and needed a break. This was the vista that refreshed us.

I looked at many other entries (229 so far – true story!!). Some I could see but just could not hear. A few crooned, one or two shouted, many whispered; these are the fifteen I heard most clearly. For me, these were the stars of the night.

  1. These shots on Joy Returns inspired me to try again. I’ve never successfully photographed the moon, although I’d like to…just once in a blue moon. *groan* sorry – I had to say it.
  2. The photo taken from the White Tank Mountain Regional Park…

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