Scottish Referendum – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Thanks Don! Great to hear an outsiders opinion/views on the Scottish referendum. Oh and Don, don’t knock the skirts until you’ve worn one and feel the breeze about you balls 😉

Don Charisma

Scotland, it’s the most northerly part of the UK. It’s beautifully mountainous and quite desolate in places, in contrast to built-up places like Edinburgh, which is a great buzzing metropolitan capital city. Worth a visit if you ever get the chance.

On 18-Sep-2014 the scots are voting whether to go for an independent Scotland, that is, separate from the UK or whether to remain part of the UK. A “YES” or “NO” to an independent Scotland. It’s also been brewing for hundreds of years.

This is not an event to be taken lightly, it’s a historic event, it’s outcome will have a big impact on the UK one way or another. A “YES” vote to Scotland breaking away from the UK, would have the biggest impact.

The pound dropped considerably on the news that the Scots might actually vote “YES”. Which has been speculated to be because the UK would lose the income from north sea…

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