Are You Voting Aye Or Building Another Wall..?

Unless you have been on another planet for the past month you will know that Scotland will vote in the referendum for independence on Thursday. I’ll leave the politics to the people who know what they are talking about but what if I was to decide which way I vote based on songs created by supporters of each campaign..?

A few days ago this song found its way onto my Facebook feed…


This morning I was greeted by this…


It made me wonder. I wasn’t aware of anything similar from the other supporters so I went looking on YouTube to see if I could find a “guitar song” and a “produced music video”.

There wasn’t a lot on offer but I found this…


I then found this…


Based on the above videos only – which way would you vote?

Have you come across any other videos, I’d love to know.





10 thoughts on “Are You Voting Aye Or Building Another Wall..?

  1. All the best Steve. We have our elections tomorrow. I am like you. I am not sure who to vote for yet. I am so over the dirty tactics that this election has thrown up. All behaving like children here. But I am keeping an eye on your referendum. 😀


  2. Interesting. I have been watching with interest your referendum. I have Scottish ancestry – with my maiden name being Duff. We also have our elections here on Saturday. A busy week all round methinks. 😀


  3. I live in Kent and I have friends and relations who live in Scotland. I love being in Scotland and with the Scottish people. I implore them not to vote ‘Yes’, to destroy a nation. Together we are Great Britain , separated we are like brothers or sisters who no longer part of a wonderful family. I feel such pride when I see our flag ,all over the world but how will it look if they vote ‘No’.


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