First Day At School…

It’s a very big day as it’s that time already, it’s time for little Disco to start school.

They grow up so fast and it only seems like yesterday she was just a little kitten playing with a ball of string and swinging from the curtains. It’s hard to believe that she is now about to start school and begin a whole new part of her life.

We’ve managed to get her into one of the best schools for cats in our area – PussyCat Grammar. I’m so pleased we did because the other option would have been Moggy Academy and well, let’s just say they don’t have a good reputation – most of the cats that attend there spend half their days making feeders for bird tables and the other half eating catnip behind the litter tray block.

Disco is so excited about tomorrow, doesn’t she look smart in her new uniform…?

I know it’s only a cap but remember she is a cat after all and they come with their own furry clothes. She’s also got a lovely new school bag but for some reason she likes to spend most of the time inside of it…

She’s already met her teacher who is an older lady called Mrs McWhiskerton. She does look quite scary but I believe you need a teacher you can respect…

I just know she’s going to love school and she is going to do really, really well. If she’s anything like her sister, Bingo, she will excel at every subject. Bingo graduated from PussyCat Grammar in the summer – with distinction…

Bingo wasted no time in getting a job and is now a fully qualified CatArchitect and I can’t wait to see some of her designs. She spends every waking minute drawing and planning and you just can’t get her out of her little hard hat…

I asked Disco if she wanted to follow in Bingo’s footsteps and become a CatArchitect too and she said “no waaay, I’m gonna be a Catronaut”…

So, to everyone else who has little ones starting school for the first time soon – enjoy it!

18 thoughts on “First Day At School…

  1. ZuZu and Roxie came across this post and now you have really done it! They want to go to school, too! I have listened to their whining all morning long and have finally put them outside in the gazebo while Charley and I discuss the matter of continuing to home school versus enrolling in public/private. You have opened up a whole can of worms, especially with those enticing school “outfits”! (I need to put a better password on my computer now that Roxie can type her name.)

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      1. ZuZu is afraid of crowds and avoids forums like the plague. And unfortunately, Roxie thinks she already knows everything, therefore a forum for her would be redundant. I will discuss it with them if I ever decide to bring them in from the Gazebo. It’s very peaceful in the house today and I have the laptop to myself as you can see by my prompt response! Clare

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