I’ve Never Been Good At Maths But I Know Tunes + Pics = TunePics…

...I discovered a brilliant new app called TunePics the other week. Basically, if you love taking photos, music and you understand Twitter then you will love this app…

A photo can say so much but add a short clip of music to and it doubles the impact. That’s exactly what TunePics allows you to do in a Twitter-like format.

Take a photo or use an existing photo, add a blurb of text and choose a clip of music to accompany it. It takes a preview of the track from the iTunes Store which I think is just enough and it gives you a much better selection than just relying on what’s stored on your device.

You can #hashtag it, follow other TunePics users and even share it on Facebook and Twitter. Other people will see the photo and what song you used but won’t get the full experience until they download the app too.

You can see a few of mine on my Twitter feed @stevesays2014 (and you can follow me too – bonus).




Give it a shot – it’s free! Let me know what you think and what your username is so I can stalk follow you…


One thought on “I’ve Never Been Good At Maths But I Know Tunes + Pics = TunePics…

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