I Was Not Amused, Neither Was Howard…

20140414-193411.jpgOn the way home from work tonight I had a few notes from a song stuck in my head and I just could not figure out what the song was…

Nowadays it’s usually quite easy to solve this age old annoyance. If you know a few of the lyrics you can try your luck on Google. Alternatively if you hear a song you can quickly Shazam it.

Unfortunately, there is no app (or is there) that you can hum a few notes to and it will magically tell you the song. If there is an app for that, I want it and well done to the inventor. If not, well there should be and I might just go off and create it.

This wasn’t really helping me out with the current “song dilema” and all I knew about the song was that I was sure it was by a British group and the reason I remember it was because it reminded me of a theme tune to a 1980s television show (I know weird, right).

Anyway, I gave up and as soon as I did it came to me like a hammer to the thumb (see previous post).

It was “Starlight” by Muse. I quickly ran to my iPad (it wasn’t actually stuck to my hands for once) to make sure that was the song and praise The Lord it was! I also had to listen to the theme tune for Howard’s Way too as it really does remind me of that – what do you think?

Both videos are below. Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? How do you deal with trying to figure out what it is if you don’t know?