What’s Inside…?

As you may know Disco has been a very poorly cat recently…


Anyone for buttons…

This was removed from her tummy on Monday (the 10p is for scale).

She is on the mend and I think she is still entitled to win the below competition despite her taste for buttons…

I’ve entered my cats into “Britain’s Cleverest Cat” and I’d be enternally grateful if you could vote for them and wish them a speedy recovery!

Vote for Disco

Vote for Bingo


Weekly Pet Challenge
Weekly Pet Challenge

This photo is part of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge hosted by http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/

To see previous entries look at the archives or click on Weekly Pet Challenge in the category cloud on this page.




9 thoughts on “What’s Inside…?

  1. Looks like you should have named her Moneybuttons. 😆 I am glad the reason for her illness was found before it became too septic. Strange that she swallowed those.
    Good luck with the competition. 😀


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