Password Hell – ‘Nuff said

This is why people need to use password safe…

Ah dad...

It has to be the most common annoyance experienced by users of technology everywhere.  As soon as you want to partake in the pleasures and treasures of modern comforts, a password is required.  For every frigging thing.

Where did they get my list of passwords from? Where did they get my list of passwords from?

A password is required if you want to buy stuff, read stuff, access stuff, post stuff, play stuff, write stuff, approve stuff, release stuff.  A password is even required if you just want to retrieve your own goddamn stuff.  You end up with a thousand different places where you need to type in those eight crucial characters.

The problem is an obvious one:  What normal human being has the ability to remember all the different passwords that is required for daily functioning?

No one, I tell ya.  Not one single person.  (And Spock is not a person.)

The reality is that most people simply pick one.  A password for everything.  One word that rule them…

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3 thoughts on “Password Hell – ‘Nuff said

  1. I use a program called Roboform to remember my passwords for me, that in itself is password protected. Downside is if anyone find out out THAT password they are all compromised, but I don’t think anyone will guess it.


      1. Agreed lol, some can be so complicated, I try and keep a theme running, its worked so far.(i hope) since that heartbleed vulnerability though, I have no idea which are compromised or not, and Ive many sites that I have password on.


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