Stand By Me


My favourite film is “Stand By Me“.

Who always stands by me? Greg, my cats…and my iPhone, iPad and iPad mini…

I wanted to capture this in a photo.

This is the finished result after my edits. Read on to see how I got this end result.

This is the original…

Stand By Me - Original
Stand By Me – Original

Since Gordie Lachance is the main character in the movie I applied the Gordon filter…

Stand By Me - Gordon
Stand By Me – Gordon

Next, I added the text and I wanted it in a handwritten font…

Stand By Me - Text
Stand By Me – Text

I wanted to give it a border that somehow showed it in a TV format so I applied a soft border…

Stand By Me - Soft Border
Stand By Me – Soft Border

All edits were carried out using Pixlr Express

10 thoughts on “Stand By Me

  1. One of my favourites too. When I was younger, and went swimming, I used to look like Teddy after the guys fell into the leech filled pond, hair licked to the side in a very unattractive way.


  2. Nice. Love that movie to. My book The Sneaker Tree is kind of my ode or attempt to emulate the style of that story but set in the 1980’s which was still kind of an innocent decade in my eyes.



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