COYR (Come On You Reds)…

I’ve never been a big football fan. Give them all a ball so they don’t need to fight over the same one is usually my opinion. However, if I was to be fan then my local team would be Aberdeen Football Club (The Dons) who, for the first time since I can remember, are actually doing quite well. As well as many other recent successes the team will be playing to win the Scottish League Cup final on Sunday 16th March.

Dons fans paint the town red ahead of League Cup final…

To say that Aberdeen fans have gone a little crazy is perhaps an understatement. As reported in the Evening Express on Saturday 15th March, statues have been draped in red, shops have been putting out red bunting, butchers and bakeries have added Dons-themed treats to their menus with Sheep Are On Fire pies and cakes. One of Aberdeen’s biggest shopping malls, Union Square, rebranded themselves “Ewe-nion Square” for the weekend and fans have also written songs, created videos and as reported in the Daily Mail there is even a  Cup Final Anthem. I really hope they win but since music is more my thing than football I thought I’d offer out a few “Red” themed songs that the fans could sing on the terraces to will their team to victory and possibly use to celebrate afterwards…

“A Red Letter Day” by The Pet Shop Boys

“…all I want is what you want…”

“99 Red Balloons” by Nena

“…this is what we’ve been waiting for, this is it boys, this is war…”

“Red” by Daniel Merriweather

“…you took something perfect and painted it red…”

“Red, Red Wine” by Neil Diamond

“Old Red Eyes Is Back” by The Beautiful South