An Open Letter To The Writers Of Friends…

Dear Writers,

As you are no doubt well aware it is 10 years since your hit sitcom Friends ended.

I’ve watched it on a loop on various TV channels as I’m sure many other people have all over the world ever since it ended in 2004. You can imagine my utter shock when I saw this picture posted on Facebook the other week…

It made me wonder if you would ever be writing a reunion episode. If you did decide to write one would it be too difficult to recreate that magic and then run the risk of spoiling the memory for the fans. So, on second thoughts – don’t write a reunion episode and leave Friends to run forever on an eternal cycle.

What you should do is think outside the box…

Since you have already done such an amazing job and Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe are well established and much loved characters by millions then why not use that as a base but take it to a whole a different level entirely?

What do I mean by that?

Can you please write a TV show with plots centred around the Friends’ offspring. This will introduce us to a brand new set of characters that we can watch develop with the possibility of their parents making cameo appearances.

It would be all too obvious to make it another sitcom so if sitcom writing is your only thing then you might need to outsource because I don’t think another sitcom would work. It’s going to be new characters so give it a new genre also. Why not make it a drama series such as Shameless? Shameless is a gritty cutting edge drama with, at times, very humorous plots.

What should you call it?

How about “The Kids Are Not Alright”?

That title links perfectly to the theme song you should use which could be conveniently a song by The Offspring – “The Kids Are Alright”…

If you would like to create this idea of mine then you have my full permission as I don’t have the time to write the scripts and all I ask in return is a mention in the credits.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Says…