Can You Guess The Soap Opera…?

Chris and Ali were walking past a house on a quiet cul-de-sac and could see someone inside, crying.

She was an older lady and it upset Chris seeing this woman crying so he approached the window and looked inside. The old lady was putting clothes in a tumble dryer and balling her eyes out whilst a man watched over.

Chris knocked on the window.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I hate doing this, it’s n-n-not the s-s-same….doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as before” she sobbed.

“She’s crazy,” the man said. “She’d much rather dry her clothes using that clapped out old contraption that I just sent to the tip”

The old lady wailed and pointed at the man

“I’m not crazy….I miss his mangle”

This was part of the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge hosted by It is a weekly Flash Fiction prompt based on the photo supplied .

If you wish to take part, the idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words (usually called flash fiction).

To see previous entries take a look at the archive or click on Sunday Photo Fiction in the category cloud on this page.

Sunday Photo Fiction
Sunday Photo Fiction

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