Time Lord Required: Apply Within (It’s Bigger)

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale: The Doctor Falls

Tonight sees the final episode of the current season of Doctor Who. What will happen? Will we see a regeneration? Who know!

Watch the trailer:

This is Peter Capaldi’s last season as the Doctor – it’s not yet been revealed who will replace him. So exciting!

Imagine if there was an actual Time Lord job on offer – what might it look like?


Time Lord


Anywhere in Time and Space


Company TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver and

Regeneration Potential

Gallifrey Recruitment Group’s client is a growing empire and currently seeking a Time Lord. With a strong brand presence throughout the galaxy our client is currently looking to extend their offering across time and space.

As a Time Lord you will be joining an established team who have raised their profile externally in recent years and are now enjoying increased investment from within.

This well rounded role will see you :-

  • Battle injustice while exploring time and space

  • Continuously defeat enemies such as Daleks, Cybermen and The Master

  • Work with multiple companions to maintain a sense of “moral duty”

In a role anticipated to grow rapidly you will work closely with all lifeforms on a variety of projects quickly becoming a valued member of history.

The successful applicant will have :-

  • Extensive knowledge of everything

  • Running very fast skills

  • An ability to create a new catchphrase

  • Only a few sets of clothes

  • An individual quirk such as eating jelly babies, wearing a bow tie or having a big floppy hairstlye

Job Reference: 23112013

Closing Date: Ongoing

I’d apply for sure – wouldn’t you?

I do have previous TARDIS experience after all…

Time Lord Steve...

Time Lord Steve…

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