Your Disco Needs You…

Disco Shower - Original

Disco Shower – Original

For some reason my cat, Disco, is obsessed with going into the shower…

I wanted to edit the photo to emphasise her behind the droplets of water on the shower screen so I used PicStitch to give the photo an artistic look…

Disco Shower - Artistic

Disco Shower – Artistic

I then used the colour splash tool to highlight only her green eyes and red collar…

Disco Shower - Colour Splash

Disco Shower – Colour Splash

I then tweeted the photo to Kylie Minogue who then took inspiration from it for her new album cover…

Disco - Your Kylie Needs You

Disco – Your Kylie Needs You

All edits were carried out using PicStitch for iPhone & iPad

This photo was part of the Photo Editing Challenge hosted by with the theme Droplets.

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Photo Editing Challenge

Photo Editing Challenge