SExcel – Pimping Up Microsoft Excel…

image44I have a friend who follows my blog and she is really great at giving me suggestions for posts to write. I told her I had a mission to get onto Freshly Pressed and I was thinking about writing a post about exclamation marks but just the other day a fellow blogger done a much better job of it – Why exclamation marks are not your friend!!!!!!!!!

It was back to the drawing board for me.

I advised my friend of this to see if she had any new suggestions. You have to understand that she is a Microsoft Excel geek. So much so that if she could talk in “formula”  as opposed to English she would – she even knows Excel jokes…….that said, those jokes are probably better than mine so I won’t judge 🙂  Anyway, I said if I was posting about Excel I wanted to pimp it up and somehow add an S before the Excel (Sexcel, see what I did there?).

I didn’t think any more about it until she sent me through a semi-pimped idea. I have probably now over-pimped this idea but here it is…

Who knew Excel was so sexual?


If you have any other column additions or formulas please let me know before my WordPress account gets closed down haha. Slim chance of this being on Freshly Pressed haha.

Thanks to L, and thanks for looking.

P.S. Before this week I didn’t know what any of these words meant – my friend told me them all 😉


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