Nose Etiquette

What Is Good “Nose Etiquette”? This might seem like a bizarre question but it is something I have pondered over for many years and I am just seeking some clarification. Maybe it’s just me? Imagine the situation… You are chatting to someone and suddenly notice a “foreign” item on, in, around or hanging from their […]

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Learning – Keeping It Simple

During my training career one of the biggest things I myself have learnt is – Keep It Simple. When I was considering the content for this post, I cast my mind back to my first interview for an IT Trainer role. It turns out that is where my “keep it simple” philosophy was born. I had […]

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A Word A Week Challenge: Behind

This week’s word for the challenge is Behind. When I saw this I was so pleased! The more and more I have been looking back through photos I have taken it seems I have a “knack” for capturing people from behind. I had been doing this without really realising it. They are also some of my […]

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Sadie’s Story…

Last November I attended a Brave Heart Ball. It was organised by my friends and their families to raise money for CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund). Their little girl, Sadie, received a heart transplant on 31st December 2012. Sadie and her family’s story is quite amazing. I simply can’t imagine what they have been through […]

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