Daily Prompt: The Clothes Make The Man

I’ve never really been a follower of fashion but I did have a “light bulb” fashion moment a few months ago. I was 35 and realised I needed to start dressing to suit my age. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t wearing skin tight jeans and skinny t shirts or anything but I was wearing skinny jeans and t shirts with random logos. The ever increasing waist line also contributed towards the realisation a change was required! I started wearing jumpers, shirts, plain t shirts and jackets. This may sound like your grandad but nooooo….I discovered Primark.

It’s amazing – lots of choice, sensible options and reasonably priced. I’m never out of the shop now. Greg has started calling me the Primark Gary Barlow and I must admit I do try to copy his style 🙂

So, do the clothes make the man? Yes, so long as you dress your age, shop in Primark and try to look like a member of a manband.

Can you spot the difference?

Hahaha I can dream can’t i? 20131004-174256.jpg20131004-174316.jpg

Got the below text message last night from a friend. Ultimate compliment hahahaha