A Night On The Town

How do you celebrate?

Whenever we want to celebrate, be it for a birthday, special occasion or new job, there is always a similar plan of action and it always starts in the same restaurant.


It’s our favourite restaurant called Yorokobi which is a Japanese/Korean place. It’s just the best – the food is amazing, the service is brilliant and it’s reasonably priced. I always get the same thing every time we go because I’m scared that I might not enjoy if I experiment with a different option although I’m pretty sure it would just as good!


What do I have? Well, it starts with a bottle of Pinot Grigio obviously (would you like to taste it? No thanks, just get it poured) and then for my starters I have:

Chicken Gyoza – deep fried Japanese style dumplings

Miso Soup – Tofu, spring onions, seaweed in yellow bean paste kasobush soup

Kim – grilled salted seaweed

It might sound like a lot but trust me, it’s gone in no time.

For my main I have:

Je-yook bokeum – Marinated pork belly in red chilli paste sauce with spring onion, onion and ginger in a sizzler plate with boiled rice.

It’s the best thing ever. If you like your food a bit hot and spicy then this is for you. If not, get someone else to order it and just try a little. I don’t find it too spicy but then I guess the wine does have the cooling effect.

The only downside about Yorokobi is the lack of dessert choices. They do, however, make up for it by making the best cheesecake I have ever tasted! The green tea or red bean ice cream do sound like something you wouldn’t think would be nice but they are actually pretty good. Desserts are usually accompanied by a Bailey’s coffee and a glass of port. As I said, it’s very reasonably priced and all of the above for two people will normally come to about £70.

You would think after that we wouldn’t be able to move but the night could now go one of two ways.

(1) Soul Casino


If we want a fairly chilled out evening with the chance of winning some money then we go to Soul casino. It’s a converted church but praying for a win never seems to work….I always allow myself a limit of how much money I will spend and once it’s gone, well, it’s gone. I like to gamble but I’m not an idiot. I usually play roulette and always use 29 as my base number, surrounding it with chips. Occasionally it’s came up and I’ve walked away in profit. I sometimes play blackjack but I get bored too quickly and end up putting all my chips on one hand, hoping to double my money quicker – I don’t recommend that. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but we always have a good time at the casino. Once, me and a friend got thrown out for dancing to the “Muzak” but that’s a different story…

(2) O’Neils

If we want to have a “dancing” night then we go to a club called “Upstairs @ O’Neill’s” which is basically a small club above an Irish Bar. It was always a favourite when I was at University as it would play Indie music and had a really good atmosphere. Not much has changed, although they now have air conditioning – in the old days I swear that sweat used to drip from the ceiling. They still play the same music, I still get just as drunk and dance just as bad but more importantly…


I still have FUN.

That’s how we celebrate. If you ever get the chance to go to any of these places you should.

What about you? How do you celebrate? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014