Here’s A Little Song I Wrote

I love to write which is quite handy as it helps when it comes to blogging.

I also like writing songs. Well, when I say songs I really mean song lyrics as I have no musical talent whatsoever. I tried learning guitar once but I soon gave up as it hurt my fingers….however it has never stopped me writing down lyrics with the hope that one day some talented musician would be able to sing them and add their own music.

Lo and behold, in this wonderful new era of social networking, I recently got back in touch with an old school friend on Facebook who just happens to be able to sing and play the guitar. When I mentioned that I had written some lyrics she was keen that I sent them to her so she could see what she could do with them.


When I got the “rough draft”, as she called it, emailed back to me I just loved it immediately and wanted to let everyone hear it. She, on the other hand, is very shy when it comes to people hearing her sing and will probably even kill me if she knows I’ve put it here. Anyway, I knocked up a quick video to go along with the song. Very quick, I hasten to add – it’s footage from a film called “Dot & The Kangaroo” but I thought it fitted well with the lyrics.

So, here it is. The song is called “Nearly There” and the lyrics are below the video. She has converted a few more of my lyrics into song which I will share over time and I also have lots of “unconverted” lyrics still to receive someone’s magic touch…..hint, hint!

“nearly there”

(Written by S. McPherson)


It’s sometimes too early
It’s never too late (I’ve still got time)
I can think of better things
I can tell me all I want to hear
But I know, just as I go
It’s all my fault I’m here


Here I am
Travelling in the dark
There I go
Setting alight to a spark
And I’m still cold and lonely
And still just only
I’m only nearly there


I’m just before dawn
I’m walking in my sleep (in the middle of the night)
I can see nicer places
For me to go
I can look at everything that’s good
Close my eyes, I turn my iPod high
I’d change this if I could



I think of a saying
What’s for you won’t pass you (que cera cera)
I stare out of the window
No overtaking
Or I’d hit the emergency stop
Open my mind, not left behind
I’m driving past this drop
And I’m still cold and lonely

Here I am
Travelling in the dark
There I go
Setting alight to a spark
And still just only
But I am so nearly there