Password Safe


What’s the best way to manage passwords?

I work as an IT Productivity coach and part of my job is delivering training sessions. One of the applications that is part of the standard desktop is the Password Safe application. When I told a colleague that I was delivering a demonstration on Password Safe his expectations were for me to show how to put all my passwords in an Excel spreadsheet and password protect the file.

I said he’s the one that should have been locked in a safe!

I was surprised that the majority of people had no idea they have access to this magical piece of software on their very own work laptop (and also at home because its free to download from

I’m sure if J R Tolkien was to write a new book it would be about this application.

“Lord Of The Passwords – one password to remember them all”  or something like that…

Some highly enlightened hobbits are of course using it but when I show them the extra functionality such as generate, browse to website and auto type they run back to their little huts in the Shire to test it out (not really, that would be a Health & Safety conversation

So, I recommend you to take this “unexpected journey” and have a look at the Password Safe* application  and don’t forget to look at the bonus features (available in the help menu). Don’t worry there will be no wizards telling you that you shall not pass…word…

Please feel free to ask me any questions on the application.

I’m also so sad that I produced a short video to accompany this blog. I sent it to the people that make Password Safe and they thought it was good enough to put on the website and it’s now had almost 70000 views.

*Lord Of The Rings knowledge is not required to use Password Safe

What about you? How do you manage your passwords? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014