Mission: Chicken In Boots


What should I have for lunch?

Every day for the last year I go to the shops to buy my lunch and I always end up in Boots (the shop, I don’t change my footwear to eat lunch) and get the meal deal – pre-packed sandwich, crisps and drink for £3.29. I used to always get the biggest sandwich, which consists of three sandwiches (or a thr-andwich as I call it) so that I made the most of the deal. This was fine up until a few weeks ago when I decided I was fed up of the same thing day in day out. So I started thinking about varying it only to discover if you didn’t want chicken then you’re screwed. It’s chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken pasta, chicken salad. Honestly, there’s more variety in a nun’s wardrobe. When you do find an alternative I usually find that I’ve sneezed more than the amount of filling in those items.

Don’t get me wrong I like chicken but I’ve just become obsessed with not having chicken for my lunch. I even hunted in different shops but it’s all chicken – it’s a conspiracy. I guess I could go to a place where they make up sandwiches to order but that would involve waiting and I have got too much sitting at my desk back in the office to be getting on with for waiting around whilst I watch someone with dirty fingernails touch my food – at least with the pre-packed version I can’t see the person who has prepared it.

So, my mission – which I call Chicken In Boots – is to venture to the supermarket and spend £16 (the same amount as a weeks lunches in the current situation) and buy lunch type stuff and get preparing my own lunches for one week.

This could get messy and I will update the mission once I have made the purchases.

Wish me cluck 🙂


IMG_0399[1]Today I went to the supermarket to buy my stuff for lunches next week.

I spent a total of £16.32 and I did get a lot for my money as you can see from the receipt. I’m quite excited about my lunchtimes next week at work.

Day One

So, on Saturday I spent all my “dinner money” on my lunches for the week ahead and today was the first day. I prepared it last night to save me time in the morning. How organized you may think, until I realized that I had no lunch box! But some quick thinking by Greg provided a gift bag from Clintons the card shop – very smart.

Anyway, carrying my lunch today in a bag usually given to people on their birthday made me quickly decide to go shopping and buy a proper one. When I got to the shop I was very tempted to get a Superman lunchbox but then thought “I’m a grown up, I’m a grown up” and bought the one pictured below – as practical as it is becoming (whatever that means).


Back to food…what did I have ? Well, I made a sandwich using 2 slices of seeded brown bread, two slices of brunswick ham smeared with English mustard, a couple of lettuces leafs sprinkled with salt. I wrapped that in cling film ( seriously, can anyone else not work cling film – I just don’t get it ) and added a packet of ready salted crisps, a strawberry shortcake crunch corner, a spicy pepperami ( aka a Bad Boy ) and a chocolate digestive biscuit bar as shown.


MMMmmm mmm – I was gutted it was time to go to bed and just wanted to get stuck in. I packed it away in my gift bag and made a mental note to myself not to forget it in the morning because that would have been simply tragic.

Twelve o’clock arrived today and I was just sooooo pleased it wasn’t chicken 🙂

Day One = Result!

Day Two

After the success of day one, I again prepared today’s lunch last night. I even had my nice new lunch box to put it ready for me to lift in the morning. Following the previous statement about making sure I didn’t forget to take it in the morning, surprise, surprise I forgot to lift it when I left for work this morning! I was two blocks away when I had the sudden realisation that I wasn’t carrying anything. I ran (yes actual proper running) back to the house to get it as I didn’t have much time to spare before catching the bus. I had visions of the cat escaping so I quietly went back inside – chasing a cat around the garden in the dark was the last thing I needed…anyway I digress from the main topic – what’s in my lunchbox ? (behave). Well, I had a tuna pasta salad, a packet of ready salted crisps, a chocolate shortcake crunch corner, a cookies and cream kit kat and a cereal bar – as shown.

20130917-194843.jpgDuring the whole journey to work I tried to put to the back of the mind that perhaps it looked like I was carrying a ladies handbag and focus on how successful this mission was going to be…this worked until I saw a kid with a much cooler lunchbox than me! When I arrived at work I just stuck the entire box in the fridge and waited…

Lunchtime arrived and I get my lunch, starting with the tuna pasta salad….this unfortunately was disappointing 😦 I had to eat the crisps at the same time to disguise the taste. Lesson learned number one and we shall move on from that. The rest of the lunch was really good – and the kit kat provided lesson learned number two. I’d already had a few of these at home and liked them but when I opened it at work I was shocked to discover it actually had white chocolate on the top . So, what’s the lesson? Don’t eat chocolate biscuits in bed, at night time, in the dark!

Day Two = Lessons Learned

Day Three

Lunch packed, check! Lunch box taken – check! Off to a good start ( oh but it gets much worse ) and I am excited at the fact I am having soup with my lunch – it’s chicken soup but I’m fine with that. All the other parts of the lunch are pretty much the same as previous days, why change a winning formula?

Lunchtime comes so I get my soup out to put in the microwave. It’s a microwaveable tub so I read the instructions twice to make sure I was doing it right. Remove the lid, peel off the cap and replace the lid firmly. At this point I notice a label on the microwave advising not to put sealed containers inside. That doesn’t apply to this I thought and put it inside, set to two minutes and went back to my desk. I heard the ping and went back to the kitchen. One of my colleagues was there and he pointed at the microwave and said it just made a noise. I said yeah I know, lunch ready yaay, thinking surely he knows what the ping noise means. He said noooo, a big noise! Uh oh, I thought, and opened the microwave and to my horror saw the inside had a nice coating of my cream of chicken soup!

20130918-180453.jpgFunnily enough, my first thought wasn’t damn I’m going to have to clean this all up…no, it was I can’t wait to blog about this tonight! Anyway after cleaning it up, eating the soup that had not been splattered and avoiding the kitchen staff for the rest of the afternoon I can conclude that despite the exploding soup, my lunch today was thoroughly enjoyable!

Day Three = explosive success (but take more notice of warning signs on microwaves)

Day Four

You will be glad to know (at least the office kitchen staff were) that I was steering well clear of the microwave today. It was back to the good old faithful sandwich…but with a difference. I invented my own type of sandwich. I have named it the Stevewich”. It was a double decker sandwich, one layer ham and mustard and the other a bacon and egg sandwich filler – fiiiine. I added the usual extra bits and pieces i.e. yoghurt, crisps and choccy biccy. Sorted! Or at least I thought…

Unbeknown to me Greg had been so impressed with this lunch mission of mine and he wanted in. Make me lunch too, he said. I happily obliged – share the love, share the lunch etc. Once I’d prepared it all he produces his (purchased that very day) lunchbox. I was so jealous! The picture explains it all.

20130919-173347.jpgI soon got over the superhero lunchbox envy and everything was ready for lunch.

The Stevewich was just fantastic! There were no kitchen incidents so a good day all in all.

Day Four = a super (hero) success

Final Day

Okay, I’ve mastered the art of preparing lunch. I’ve cracked the code of not forgetting to take it with me. The day had came for me to conquer the microwave! Along with my usual yoghurt, crisps etc today I was having Linda McCartney Chilli Non Carne and Rice – in a microwaveable container. I pre warned everyone and made sure I had a pre-read and full appraisal of the cooking instructions. The end result ? No booms, no splatters just a ping and a lovely ready meal for my lunch. I was quietly humming Mull Of Kintyre while eating it, I can’t think why…

So the mission ends and I think a nice Pinot Grigio is my trophy!


Final Day = piping hot goodness

Mission: passed with souper pinging Stevewich distinction, carry it forward!