Into Darkness….

Ok, so this is my first non-work related blog and I’ll save all the introductory stuff for my about page which I will update as I continue “blogging”. Mummy, I’m a blogger now….

Anyway, I usually have various phases and fads that I’m interested in for about a day and then move on to the next one so this could be a 2 day exercise – time will tell.

The purpose of this blog in my head at the moment is to share all the stuff I do i.e worky stuff (IT, productivity etc) and non-worky stuff (everything else such as videos, music, photos, songs and laughs blah blah blah)

The “into darkness” title of this blog isn’t really a taster of things to come, it’s the first thing I thought of – I hate Star Trek and this blog will be the opposite of dark. Enjoy!