IN THE WOODS: Haddo House

Abandoned Places Scotland I was recently asked to take this post down as someone had purchased the property. I complied and took it down. I was not asked not to publish it again so here it is… Following up on our recent visit to Glen o’Dee Hospital, Banchory I decided that exploring abandoned places was actually […]

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TAKE TEN: Talking About Pop Music

What’s the best pop music blog on the internet? Talk About Pop Music, of course! You don’t have to take your clothes off – just take ten seconds or minutes to have a good time in this “round up” from Talk About Pop Music – the best music blog in the universe…enjoy! Don’t have a streaming service […]

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Valentine’s Day: The World’s Top 10 Awkward Photos Of Couples In Love

Valentine’s Day 2018 Valentine’s Day is coming up so before I produce ‘The World’s Top 10 Awkward Photos Of Couples In Love – 2018 Edition’ click below for a reminder of the top ten photos from the previous years. What’s your favourite? Would you like to share your own awkward photo to be included in this year’s list? […]

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I Am My Hair!

I never thought I’d be doing a post about hair… It’s perhaps more appropriate for a ” “beauty blogger” ” to do a post about hair but what the hell, let’s do this. I’m wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with my hair these days as I don’t have enough of it to get obsessed over but […]

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Sin City – Here We Come!

Viva Las Vegas! Steve McSteveface will be taking a short break as I am off to Las Vegas for 5 days! I will be trying to win my fortune as well as going to see Celine Dion and Cher LIVE! There are heaps of Las Vegas songs I could share here but I’m going to […]

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Pizza Friday & Friday Wine Day

Spoiler Alert: This is another one of those irritating “New Year, New Me” type of posts. Well, yes it kind of is – it’s a ‘trying to be healthy’ post but there is a shit load of wine and a big fuck off pizza involved so it’s all good, right? I’m pushing 40 years old […]

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