Las Vegas: January 2017 We visited Las Vegas for the first time in January 2017. Although we were staying in one of the “best” hotels on the Strip it is of course a necessity that you visit as many other hotels as possible. Every hotel has a uniqueness and something different to offer. One of […]

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The Things You Say While Driving

Driving Me Crazy! It’s almost two years since my Adventures In Driving began and it’s certainly been a crazy two years! I absolutely agree 100% that people’s personalities change as soon as they get behind the wheel and I am well and truly part of that ‘club’ now. I’ve come to realise I swear a […]

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Simple Skills, Awesome Results!

When Did You Last Learn Something New? What was the last “skill” you taught yourself? I’m not talking anything academic or sporty here – just something simple that you can use as a party trick. Recently, I watched an interview with Anna Kendrick when she was asked to do the “Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect. […]

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De-constructed Bounty

You Say Bake Off? I Say Fuck Off! I’m not a good cook, baker or…candlestick maker? I don’t cook because I’m not good at it and hate the thought of spending two hours preparing something that is gone in five minutes. I don’t bake because the thought of having to use exact measurements bothers me. […]

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